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It’s easy to join a gym, but then what?…Where do you start?…How do you get direction? Who Motivates you…? We’ve all been there. Being lost is overwhelming and discouraging! You don’t need a gym, you need a more personalized approach and the support of a like-minded community. Find your fit-tribe here, and let’s get started together.

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We take a scientifically backed and patented full-body approach that strengthens, lengthens, tightens, and tones your body in a fraction of the time (learn more). Our approach is specifically designed to guide you, inspire you, and finally get you closer to the results you’ve been dreaming of. You’ll rip through a quick 40 minute, fat-burning, body sculpting workout that’ll keep your metabolism pumping for up to 32 hours! Together, as a small but empowered group, we’ll journey into a dynamic fitness experience that bridges the gap between fit-dreams and fit-reality, one workout a time.

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Pilates Plus Porter Ranch is THE BEST Pilates studio in town!  I’ve been going to PPPR for years now and it’s the only workout that gives you increased muscle strength and tones your body.  It stabilizes and strengthens your core, making you feel absolutely incredible not only physically but mentally as well!  The studio space is phenomenal, has the best and newest Pilates machines and is super clean. Most importantly the instructors at PPPR are simply amazing!!!  One of my favorite instructors is Vanessa A.  She’s extremely nice, has extensive knowledge in Pilates and makes sure you get the most out of your workout. This is by far the best investment I’ve made for my body.

Karlet O.

Glendale, CA, Yelp

Pilates Plus Porter Ranch is a great work out — the class is difficult, the music is upbeat, the few guys that go are fine, and the instructors have great energy and will correct your form if you are doing something incorrectly.
I like how the mega former targets muscles that are hard to target from just weight lifting! Just a tip you will feel sore the next day so be ready for that mentally.

I’m glad that Pilates Plus opened a studio in Porter Ranch! You all are great at what you do.

Anasia P.

Woodland Hills, CA, Yelp

Maybe I walked into this class a little too confident. Maybe I shouldn’t have depended so much on my prior pilates experience. Maybe I thought I was stronger. Maybe I didn’t expect to walk out of this class feeling like jello. Maybe…
I’ve been taking pilates at multiple other studios for about a year now.
When I walked into Pilates Plus, I honestly thought that it would be like all of the other classes I’ve been to. I was most drawn to this particular studio because it’s close by. I got my butt kicked so hard I almost cried. I hate this class. I dread it every time I have to go, but I just bought a 5 pack.
Let’s just say I can’t stay away…

Jackie K.

Los Angeles, CA, Yelp




Learn to use the machine, work through the movements, and master the fundamentals that will be used to craft your ultimate body! The transition will be seamless: You will move at your own pace, while we will support and challenge you to take it to the next level! You’re fitness journey is kicking-off and success is eminent!



You have the foundation and are becoming a fat-burning machine! You’re getting fit, losing weight, and feeling more confident than ever before! Your body is adapting to the changes as you strengthen, tighten, and tone! You are playing at a higher-level now, and will be given modifications to keep you on your journey of getting fitter, faster than ever!



Congratulations! You’re officially a body sculptor! Lagree has become a lifestyle and not just a workout. You have the core of an athlete, and your Hollywood body couldn’t feel more fit! Your goal now is to dial in the detail. You will sculpt and carve your way into a long, lean, and firm physique! No other system provides the satisfaction and the results! This is one healthy addiction!


Try the only workout in the world that effectively combines core, endurance, cardio, balance, strength and flexibility training in every move!