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2 Classes for ONLY $15! (Regularly $70)

It’s your first time! Maybe you want to get fitter/faster with more personalized instruction? Maybe you’re already in rockstar shape and need a challenge?  Or perhaps just want to try us out. No matter what your reason is, our doors our open, and we’re all about warm-welcomings. So, we’re knocking $55 OFF of your first two classes for you,. That’ right, 2 classes for only $15! Expect to have more fun, get more fit, and burn more fat! Let’s get started:

Introductory Package: $258 (Save Over $50)

Let’s ease you right into your #FitRoutine! Enjoy a combination of private sessions and group classes to jumpstart your body. This promotion Includes three 55-minute private sessions and 2 group classes! By the time you’re membership-ready, you’ll be more confident and dialed-in for maximum results! We recommend doing all 5 workouts within a 2 week period to rev up your metabolism and get you prepared for a successful exercise program. Get started below:

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  • Austin M.

    Austin M.

    Been coming here for over a month and a half and I definitely feel stronger and leaner. While also maintaining...
  • Tara L.

    Tara L.

    Where to start...  I was a member for 6 months. I truly enjoyed the classes with Brie.  She is super...
  • Karina R.

    Karina R.

    Love the schedule, teachers, patrons, machines, location, availability of parking, and regular availability of water and coffee. I've been doing...
  • Nina N.

    Nina N.

    Just an update on how awesome the instructors are (brie, Stacy, Kendall, Heather, Alina, adrine) and owner Vanessa at pilates...
  • Tina K.

    Tina K.

    I started as a beginning. My first class was with Brie. She is absolutely wonderful. She is attentive and teaches...
  • Roxana N.

    Roxana N.

    Sign up for your free first class! Don't forget to wear those socks with grip.My Aftermath: Shakeyyyy.... Even one of...
  • Asmira M.

    Asmira M.

    Clean & nice place. All the instructors are very professional. Classes are fun and easy to schedule online
  • Jason L.

    Jason L.

    This place is great!  Instructors are top notch!  If you're looking for a new challenge or something new to shake...
  • Stephanie A.

    Stephanie A.

    I come to this studio from Simi even though there is a club pilates and a lagree studio right by...
  • Christina V.

    Christina V.

    OMG! 40 min workout but I felt like I worked out for hours! It was intense but felt good to...
  • Cat S.

    Cat S.

    Been going here for a month now, and have already seen results. I am stronger and leaner. I came here...
  • Pam D.

    Pam D.

    This review is long overdue. I signed up for a membership three years ago, and I enjoyed my workout here....
  • KC C.

    KC C.

    Love this spot, a great challenging workout that can be individualized to what you feel comfortable with
  • Constantin K.

    Constantin K.

    Hello,I tried to sign up for a free class online but was unsuccessful since it required me to pay for...
  • Anasia P.

    Anasia P.

    Pilates Plus Porter Ranch is a great work out -- the class is difficult, the music is upbeat, the few...
  • Jackie K.

    Jackie K.

    Maybe I walked into this class a little too confident. Maybe I shouldn't have depended so much on my prior...
  • Jenna M.

    Jenna M.

    This is a great workout. After the 40 minute class I feel exhausted and extremely sore the next day. I...
  • Korrin R.

    Korrin R.

    Made an appointment for private training a week in advance. I get to the studio and the door is locked...
  • Ani G.

    Ani G.

    Every time I walk out of this place I feel energized, happy and healthy. The studio is very clean and...
  • Laureen O.

    Laureen O.

    I've been going to Pilates Plus Porter Ranch (PPPR) since they opened, and needless to say this review is sorely...
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